Unique Baby Shower Themes

People, living anywhere in the world, usually celebrate a new life with a celebration. They make preparations for a baby shower to let the people know that god has blessed them with the most beautiful gift of life and they are greatly thankful for such a gift. Without any doubt, every parent wants the most outstanding ideas for a baby shower theme for their arriving baby. A person may find it very difficult to choose a theme for a baby shower.

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Unique Baby Shower Themes

Following are some of the unique baby shower themes for a baby shower that you can take into consideration for the party:

Color theme

color theme baby shower party

A color theme is a very popular theme for a baby shower party. A boy or a girl is generally very common subject for such type of parties. You can purchase all the decorations and balloons that will match the sex of a baby. Blue color is used to represent a boy and pink color is used to represent a girl. If the sex of the baby is not known to the expecting mother, then a yellow and green color can be used.

Cowgirl and Cowboy theme

cowgirl and cowboy theme

Among the unique baby shower themes, a cowgirl and cowboy theme is very popular. This theme entails the clothes that a baby will wear and these clothes will give him a look of cowboy or a cowgirl. An artificial horse can be used in this type of them so that a baby can sit on it.

The color of invitations for a baby shower party with such a theme can be brown. The games included in the party can be to chase an animal. Safari theme or a Pirate theme, are the baby shower party themes with a same sense. You can go with any of them and change the party’s venue accordingly.

Dolls and Robots theme

Dolls and Robots baby shower theme

Every child goes through a stage in his or her life when he or she wishes to have a robot or a doll. A party with this type of theme must show a baby with a doll and robot look. You can ask the kids that they can bring their favorite doll or a robot with them in the party. The prizes for the winners of the games can be given dolls and robots.

A theme of beach and sand

beach and sand baby shower theme

Another unique baby shower themes is a theme of beach and sand. With this type of theme, you have to ask your guests to wear flowery tops and shirts with the garlands that will match their attire. This theme lets you feel that you are having a party on the beach. You can put the beads and sand and can also make use of huge umbrellas for giving a look of a beach.


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