Unique Baby Shower Party Favors

When you plan on throwing a baby shower party, include unique baby shower party favor in your list. You and your baby deserve something unique. Remember that the general ideas are out and won’t actually become a talk of the town. If you want everybody to talk about your party, go unique.

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unique baby shower party favors

By unique, we mean throwing a party with a specific theme not commonly set by others. If your neighbor just threw a vintage theme party, don’t throw a similar one just because you “loved it”. How about going western? A Western Baby Shower Party is a nice idea!

Favor sellers have hundreds of favor designs you can choose from. You can go beyond the usual themes if you want. In fact, almost any theme can be applied.

Unique baby shower party favor can be customized. You don’t have to be uniform with your theme. It’s fun to mix things up. If your theme is Disney Princesses, you can collect all the Princesses favors and give them away in random. Five each unique design or how many you want them to be, it’s your choice!

There are other ways of creating your set of unique baby shower party favor. Think of favors that are quite functional. How about an egg timer? Or cute small baby bottles with candies inside? Think of practicality, too. If you know that almost everyone in your guest list is a chocolate lover, then why not buy a lot of chocolate bars and top them with small gift cards and hand them over to everyone after the party? Or if the weather is quite hot and everybody can’t get easily to the drinks station, you can distribute bottled waters with your customized labels. That way, you are serving and giving your guests your gifts already.

Don’t be afraid to try many things. Remember, you are aiming to produce a very unique shower party. Your unique baby shower party favors can be packs of wet wipes, a pair of cloth slippers or just a blank notebook. Anything can be used as a party favor. There are so many to choose from online and in stores so there are no worries about having to limit only to the latest fad. You can even create your own unique baby shower party favor. Cards or small creative designs, name it. Your guests will appreciate whatever they will receive.

Most unique baby shower party favor items are sold at a cheaper price when bought in bulk. Negotiate with your supplier to avail of discounts. Normally, sellers especially those from online offer discounts and price off the delivery costs just to sell a lot. Take this fact to your advantage because you will never know, you will be getting the best deal of your life. Be diligent in choosing your favor and make sure the item is appropriate.


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