Top 10 Suggestions for Baby Shower Favors

What is your suggestions for Baby Shower Favors? Baby showers are those occasions during which you share your happiness with your dear ones. To make these parties more enjoyable and entertaining you may conduct different games and give gifts to the winners. But what about those who do not win?

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baby shower favors suggestions

So giving favors will make sure that everyone receives gifts. What favors make it apt for the occasion or what favors excite the guests the most is very difficult to identify. So, here are a few suggestions for baby shower favors. You can select those which suit your occasion better.

For example, You can decorate the tables with cloth diapers, paints, paint brushes, chunky stamps. Theme your party with a garden and place lady bugs, caterpillars, bumble-bees, flowers and leaves. Involve all the guests to craft the table with their creative ideas.

Top 10 Suggestions for Baby Shower Favors

Get some baby socks and fill them with candies and chocolates. Tie the opening of the socks with a cute ribbon. Join the pair of socks together to make a cute baby shower favor. They may even return the socks to the babies later as some would be moms experienced.

Give a Ginger bread cookie cutters decorated with ribbon and lace along with a cookie recipe book so that they get motivated to prepare the cookies and use the cutter.Sugar cookies in the shapes of babies and bottles are a good option. Pack these cookies in plastic bag or tissue paper. The cookies can be cut in the specific shapes using the ginger bread cookie cutter.

Give an Ivy plant and ask your guests to nurture it in remembrance of their newly coming baby. Attach a personalized message to the plant signifying the importance of the big day.

Gift your guests with a rose and a packet of seeds. Ask your guests if you are going to have a baby boy or a girl. Those who guess it would be a boy would get one type of seeds to plant in their garden and those who guess it would be girl would get another type of seeds. This would be quite interesting in a garden themed baby shower.

Gift the guests a glycerin soap with a message saying thank you for being a part of our celebration to welcome the new born.

Get net bath sponges and baby shaped soaps. Join both of them with ribbon and a cute safety pin. This makes a beautiful favor.

Inscribe the name of the person whose baby shower it is on magnets and the date. Guests really like these gifts as they can remember the day even after a long time as these magnets usually hang on refrigerators.

Fill baby bottles with candies and chocolates. Stick these to scented candles. Decorate them with curly ribbons and give them to the guests.

Make baby booties from plastic foam cups and decorate them with blue and pink ribbons and fill the booties with pink and blue M&Ms which will be loved by everyone.

Follow these suggestions for Baby Shower Favors and make your baby shower memorable not only within your family but also to your dear ones.


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