Tips For Choosing baby Shower Cakes For Boys

It is every parent dream to have a baby and ones it is confirmed you are going to be parents, well the baby cannot be brought into this world first without preparing for a baby shower. This is the time you get to reveal the gender of the baby to your friends and family, and you also get to experience the beautiful moment with the people dear to you. One thing to note though is that there is no complete baby shower without a cake!

There are so much creativity and ideas that you can use on the cake to make it look unique and rely on the message about the gender of the baby as well. These ideas include the colors of the cake, the art and also the decors. So if you are planning for a boys baby shower, here are some tips to follow to make the baby shower cakes for boys stand out.

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baby shower cakes for boys

Tips for choosing baby shower cakes for boys

Select a good baker

The entire cake ideas and crafting will be determined by the kind of baker you hire to bake for you. So hire someone with knowledge of baking and good at decor as well. A good baker has a high experience and the number of years can determine this that he or she has been working in the industry and the total number of orders that he or she has been able to accomplish.

If you are a first-time mum, you can ask your friends and family members to give you referrals of reliable bakers to hire for baby shower cakes for boys that they may have worked with before and from their previous experience, you can be able to identify the right personnel to work with too.

Choose a theme

Apart from having a tasty cake, you will also need a unique idea to go with your cake. This has to include a blue color since a baby boy is usually associated with color blue and the girls pink.So look for cake ideas on the internet or you can ask the baker to give you ideas to use on the cake to make it look unique and attractive as well.

You can choose to have an infant decor on top of the cake, have a t-shirt decor or the name you have chosen for your baby drawn on top of the cake. Whichever idea works for you but the main point to keep in mind is creativity and uniqueness.


There are various cake flavors to choose from such as chocolate, fruit vanilla among others. So make sure that you choose a flavor that is good for you and when it comes to selecting the icing, pick fondant icing as it is the best.

Order early

You don’t want last minute disappointments whereby you end up not getting your cake on time. So book for your cake to be made four to three weeks earlier such that the baker will have full information in advance and have enough time to prepare as well. Paying at least 50 percent for booking purposes is important.

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