The best baby shower cakes of your own

The best gift for an expecting mom is the baby shower. You can throw the baby shower party and can invite all your friends and guest but it is really a difficult task to plan all the things. You have to make all the arrangements and the decorations. Also you have to take care of the food and the menu. The most important item of the baby shower ceremony is the baby shower cake.

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baby shower cakes of your own

When you are planning the baby shower there are some things that you will have to manage. The first thing is that you select the theme of the party. The next thing is to make the invitations and call your friends and relatives and after that is the food arrangement. The best thing for the centerpiece of the shower is the cake. It will be best that you have a baby shower cake which is a bit different from the ordinary cakes. You can add more fun to this by having the baby shower cakes of your own. If you are good at baking, then you can prepare the cake by yourself. It will be a great surprise.

It will be great fun to bake the baby shower cake. It will also help to save the money. You can ask the help of your friends to lend you a hand in the preparation of the cake. It will be time saving and you can have a lot of ideas about the decoration of the cake. It will be a plus point if you have the baking experience and your skills are good at this work. You can also seek the help of an expert baker in your home. After you have baked the cake there are different techniques which you can apply for its decoration.

ladybug baby shower cakes

You can add a lot of creativity to the cake. Like you can use the whipped cream on it and can add the chocolate or the strawberry to give it a finishing touch. You can also put some edible sweet beads and the little jellies and candies to make it look like a baby shower cake. The baby shower cakes of your own have their own unique appearance and they show your love for the new comer and the mom. You can also add a welcome note for the new comer baby or can write any other thing on the cake.

If you do not want to make baby shower cakes of your own due to shortage of time then you can also buy it from the bakery. But you have to place the order one week before the party so that they can get the cake ready just according to your demand and can supply it at the right time.


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