Cool Star Wars Baby Shower Ideas

Okay, this will work as a bridal shower as well. But it had to be done because it wasn’t in the blog yet, well at least not as its own post. And hey, Padme did give birth to twins, so there’s something baby related in the saga.

Also, if the mom is a first time parent, which many are, I believe that a baby shower should be something like a bridal shower where a bridal shower is your last chance to have single lady fun, the baby shower is your last chance to have adult fun for the next several months. Anyway, back on topic, let’s start with the ideas for cakes because there are a few.

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star wars baby shower ideas

Let’s start with Luke and Leia’s momma. We’ve all seen the belly cakes since they’re circling all around the internet and in several magazines. So let’s take the belly cake idea and decorate it to look like Padme at the height of her pregnant glow. A screen shot from Episode III should do well as a guide for decorating the cake.

Another cake idea is to shape and decorate the cake after the Millennium Falcon. Personally, I would recommend using fondant, as it is easier to sculpt with. If you do not like fondant, I would suggest using a whipped cream or cream cheese frosting because butter cream would tend to get crusty as it sets and when cutting a shaped cake like this, that would tend to create more mess and a loss of sugary goodness that is known as frosting .

star wars baby shower cakes

Candy serving containers shaped like the Death Star. You can use mod podge and tissue paper to decorate it to look like the Death Star. It’s no moon, it’s a dish full of candy with a hole bigger than a womp rat, which doubles as a Halloween dish.

For favors, Chewbacca, Yoda, and the Jawas. Simple enough, just wrap a candy bar in black paper with brown felt tied around one end. On second thought, I think that may work slightly better with Blow Pops or Tootsie Pops.

For Yoda, I think the cutes thing that I have seen was little stuffed Yodas at Target and at If you want something smaller than large key chain sized, you can find Yoda erasers and antenna toppers on Chewie will be your water bottles so you can gargle the water for the fun Wookie cries. To make the water bottle look like Chewbacca, glue brown construction paper around the entire bottle, except for the lid.

Then some black felt to make a little ammunition belt. You can glue little silver beads around the belt to look like ammo, or if you want to be sarcastic: Legos. Then glue some brown yarn to the lid because Chewie wouldn’t be complete without his hair.Now at last, a game. Not so much a game, but an activity. So don’t worry about besting the Wookie.

A Lego Star Wars set or a Star Wars puzzle will be needed for this. Pass out pieces among all the guests, evenly distributed and play a game of “How well do you know the momma”. Each time a guest gets a question correct, they get to try to place their pieces. This would work best with a large group so you don’t end up with people having fifty pieces each. That would just take forever.

In the words of the Millennium Falcon’s first mate, “AUGUUGUUGUUGRRGHH,” which means “congratulations on the new baby”. Have fun at your baby shower.


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