Silver Themed Baby Shower Decoration Ideas

Go all silver for a silver themed baby shower – That time in your life has come, when you have to throw a baby shower favor. It is not an easy thing to do, but with a little help from your loved ones and from your husband, you can do it pretty easy. First of all, think of a theme. If you can’t find one, we recommend you a silver baby shower. It is a classy and elegant way to celebrate the birth of your first child.

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silver themed baby shower

First of all, you will have to make a list of all the things you need. Include invitations, decoration settings, what food you will like to serve and what activities you will be having. Also, if you have the time and the money, try and prepare some parting gifts for your guests.

To take it from the beginning, think of the invitations. A silver paper written with black letter will have a superb visual impact. Try to put in the message the date of the baby shower, the location and the hour when it will happen. If you’re having a lot of friends and family, put also an RSVP option in it, so that you’ll know for sure who will be participating.

silver baby shower invites

The silver themed baby shower must also include silver theme decoration. It is going to be a little hard to find banners with a silver theme, but you can think of another idea. How about you have a silver table setting? It doesn’t really need to be real silver, because there are expensive and somehow hard to find; they just need to be colored in silver.

The food will have to be as elegant as the silver. The dishes you will serve must be eaten out of hand, upon a silver colored napkin, as the royal family would do. You can make homemade mini pizzas, cheese and vegetable tarts or carrot fingers. Also, you can serve tea at five o’clock, with tea cookies beside the tea cup. Irish cream tea or green tea would be just perfect. Also, lap napkins have that little something to an Victorian era, when everything was made out of silver.

silver baby shower favors

As a thoughtful way to thank your guests for coming at you silver baby shower favor, and also as a token of the appreciation you hold for them, prepare parting gifts. Because the main theme is silver, try to put some things together in a silver bag or silver wrapping. Cookies arranged elegantly in a small box of chocolate or, why not, even a box of chocolate. A silver-like jewelry as a charm and a piece of parchment with information about silver will keep your guests entertained even when they leave.

This list filled with ideas is short, and it can be completed with your own imagination. Every idea though, must follow some guidelines, like invitations, decoration, dishes to be served and thoughtful gifts, and also a theme. A silver themed baby shower is perfect both for girls and boys, but it will also have to be perfect for the baby who arrives in December. Remember sometimes silver is connected with cold and winter themed. So it is a perfect theme for upcoming baby in winter months.


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