Beautiful and Fun Sesame Street Baby Shower Ideas

Did you grow up on “The Street”? I know most of my generation did. My kids are growing up on it as the time goes by. Elmo is always a favorite, as are Bert and Ernie, Big Bird, Oscar the Grouch, and Grover (who is also known as the voice of Yoda from StarWars, which will be my next theme).

I have found so many ideas for favors that are Sesame Street Themed that I had to do at least one article on the theme as a whole. Not to mention, it also give that above intro to my next theme. So let’s get on over to sesame street baby shower.

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sesame street baby shower ideas

Sesame Street Baby Shower Ideas

1.       Elmo Cake. You can find his head on My neighbor used one of these to make my little one’s cake. Just use the mold, 6 boxes of cake mix, and colored red, black and white icing to create this perpetual 3 year old face. Then you can do the same with cupcakes to form a huge Elmo body. Not only will everyone love it but chances are unless you have a ton of guests some will end up taking cupcakes home to their own little ones.

Elmo Face Cake Pan

2.       Bert and Ernie Décor. Striped table cloths with white place settings and napkins will elude to the wardrobe of the funky pair. At the corner of each table, place a rubber ducky. After all, Ernie needs ducky. To make this idea even more helpful to the new mom, use those ducks that Safety 1st makes with the water temperature things on the bottom so that she can take some home and use them with new baby’s bath time.

3.       Big Bird Games. These can be found at PBSkids.ORG, and They may be for kids but let’s face it, mommy is going to learn to love these games before long anyway. Then you can also make a sort of nest in one corner of the room with a big foam number and a big foam letter so that it resembles Big Bird’s nest in his bedroom. Don’t forget the blankie.

4.       Oscar the Grouch. If you remember Bruno the Trash man, that would go well too. Well this is easy, the Trash Can. Print out a picture of his head for each trash can in the room as well as a small sign for each table. Add a word bubble with a reminder for people to dispose of their trash to allow Oscar to help keep your venue clean.

5.       Super Grover! Blue Bags with little favors from the dollar store (bubbles, pens, note pads) or candy bars with water bottles. If you wish, you can also find several websites that will allow you to order or print sleeves for water bottles and candy bars in various sizes. You could also make your own by copying an image from PBS of Grover’s cape.

6.       For the food table, just set up plates with chips and sandwiches and a sign that says “Hooper’s Store”

Now, as Murray says “See you next time on the Street. Peace!”



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