Beautiful Sea Turtle Baby Shower Theme Favors Ideas

I have a friend that is an avid collector of everything having to do with sea turtles. She makes a trip to Sea World on a regular basis just to visit them. She has also been raving about the “Turtle Reef” that is opening there this summer. Some mutual friends of hers have all agreed that her babyshower will be themed after her favorite 200 million year old species. So here’s the plan:

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turtle baby shower theme

1.       Many of the decorations will be purchased at the aquarium. They have whole disposable table settings with the turtles printed all over. Buying from the aquarium also provides a donation that helps to keep the species cared for. You do not have to buy from Sea World, though.

I found decorations that were just as cute at Dollar Tree, and being the frugal one of my bunch, it’s nice to be the one in charge of the food. J Since the place settings will be bought from an aquarium gift shop, many of the settings will NOT be disposable. (Hopefully. They had some great stuff when the pandas had their exibit)

2.       Turtle Glasses. These will not only be place settings, they will also be favors for the guests to take home. One lady is going to be taking the glasses to be personalized with guests’ names the week of the shower.

3.       Notebooks. These can be kept by the guests after the shower and used during the shower for some of the games. (How many baby items can you name, how well do you know mommy, baby shower trivia. These are all on the list)

4.       Soaps. Since the mommy-to-be in this case is diabetic we are going to avoid sweets like cookies and cakes. Instead, this web searching lady right here has found a set of instructions on how to make soaps. I got the molds from and will be making a set for each guest in attendance.

5.       Donation. There will be a small donation made for each person invited to the Turtle Reef. This is at the request of momma-to-be. If she could just adopt all the turtles, she would. For the time being, however, she is just going to have to settle for donating to their habitat.

Sea Turtle table decorations

There are so many ideas for turtle baby shower theme everything that I could never hope to cover it here, but hopefully, this will be a good starting point for you if your friend likes turtles and you have the budget to plan for something like this.

This particular shower is a gift not only to the new mom but also to the aquarium that she loves to visit so much. Now, if only her poor husband could get her to stop decorating every inch of their house with turtle baby shower theme, it could  be an even greater gift to him!


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