Sampling the Latest Baby Shower Trends

There were decades past, when a baby shower was an adult’s event and only centered on bringing gifts to the expectant or newly delivered mother. Guys could just drop by with their choice gifts, sit for a meal and then talk about babies. That was it then but today that is no longer the trend.

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New parents are striving to throw a perfect baby shower that is unlike any that friends or neighbors have held in the recent past. The importance of a baby shower is to offer a friendship moment in honor of a newly born or an expectant mother, irrespective of what is eaten during the occasion.

The more emotional and sentimentally appealing a baby shower is, the more it becomes a perfect baby shower. It has all come to creativity, innovativeness and a personalized attention to the new child, the mother’s requirements, the mother’s personality and the family’s preferences.

Such considerations are even more important when the baby shower is for an expectant mother. The perfect baby shower is an intimate occasion in which a newborn child and the mother are appreciated and recognized as an important part of the family.

Baby shower trends – Scrapbooking

scrapbooking baby shower

The bottom line is that the event should involve the entire family, friends and relatives in fun activities from the perspective of the new and welcome addition.

No longer is a baby shower a meeting of the grownups, but a moment in time when grownups relieve their childhood in sharing and interacting with young ones in fun activities. Among the cute baby shower ideas, there is an emerging trend detectable, which is largely driven by an inspiration of the chic, the fun and the uniquely creative.

From retro baby showers to scrapbooking baby showers, chocolate fountains to rose banquet showers, there is always a new idea for the perfect baby shower. The baby shower trends are evolving from dogmatic traditional parties to majestic baby showers that are really intimate, memorable and personalized.

Baby shower chocolate fountain

Baby shower chocolate fountain

One of the latest baby shower trends is the baby shower chocolate fountain. The popular baby shower chocolate trend may never go out of style, since chocolate is one great amusement and a delicacy among children and many adults. The differences arise from how it is served and presented.

In this trend, a chocolate fountain is made on a stainless steel structure, tiered to several levels, and volumes of chocolate are melted from the topmost fountain level until it overflows and continuously covers the tiers beneath with a chocolate film.

During the party, guests come together around the chocolate fountain and scrape their way into the steel, without guilt or hurry. Apple slices, strawberries, bananas, pineapple, grapes, orange slices or cookies can be served along.

Another of the latest baby shower trends is the scrapbooking baby shower. A scrapbooking baby shower offers the background which you can customarily modify to organize the perfect baby shower, perhaps the reason why they are becoming so popular of late.

A scrapbooking baby shower starts with invitations printed with explanations that invitees should bring enough scrapbook supplies like embellishments, stickers, cutouts for a 2-page layout, as the gift to give to the expectant mother.

During the baby shower, instead of the usual baby shower games, invitees draw illustrations on a 2-page layout. This will be given names and once the baby is born, the mother attaches photos on the layouts and stores the memories.

A variation of the scrapbooking baby shower is where the scrapbooking is done in advance and when guest arrive for the party they help the mother attach photos on the already decorated layouts. That enables a perfect baby shower, where there is enough time for a lot of other activities.

One of the cute baby shower ideas for an expectant mother is the diaper cake. A diaper cake is a collection of disposable or even cloth diapers that have been rolled and stacked into a model resembling a traditionally-tiered cake.

The tiers are garnished with assorted baby care items like bibs, bottles, pacifiers, toys, baby socks, etc. The essence is in the emotional appeal of the gathering, towards the expectant mother, offering her solidarity and appreciating her latest achievement.

Being among the latest baby shower trends, the diaper cake is ideal in the hospital, just before delivery, or any other occasion before the baby is born. It’s applicable even after an adoption.

These are just examples of the latest baby shower trends. A million exist out there, most of the cute baby shower ideas require your creativity innovation and customization. So if you have a baby shower in mind, get creative and make a memorable event.


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