Rock Party Favors for a Baby Shower

There are varieties of ways with which a person can celebrate the happiness on the arrival of a new baby. You can throw a rock n roll party for your friends and family members to come and join you in your happiness.

For the rock party you can choose a wide range of color. If you want the late 80′s or if the parents are fans of cindy lauper then you can go for hot pink, black and white. Others to consider is the late 70′s rock era where the british rock is your choice, you can go for a blue, white and red color scheme

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rock star party favors

You can use the banners on the wall of the room on which “congratulations” is written. A person can enjoy decorating a rock party baby shower. Table can be covered with black colored tableware. The red colored drums with cream color sticks can be placed on the table.

Place the snack or meal you have prepared for the party like the muffins, cupcakes, popcorn etc. A guitar can also be placed to set the tone of a party. For a baby shower party, person can prepare salad, arrange chips and popcorn.

Hang black color CD’s on the walls and spread CD’s all around the party area. Put tags on everything available in a meal like you can put a tag on muffins or cupcakes with Rock a Bye written on it.

The most important part for the rock baby shower party is the invitations. The invitations should be given to the guests 1 or 2 months before the baby shower. While picking the invitations consider something that goes perfect with the baby’s theme such as drums with sticks and CD’s printed on them with the name of the going to be mother, time and date also printed on it. Put favors on tables for all the friends and family members.

rock star baby shower theme

You can give music notes made of chocolate as favors and guitar shaped cookies are also perfect for giving to the guests.You can also give your guest tiny microphone cake pops. It’s not necessary that the theme should be related to a baby it’s up to your imagination.

The theme could be different colors if it’s a baby girl it could be pink. Baby shower is related to the baby so, a cake can be ordered according to it and of you have arranged the party on a theme then the cake should be according to the theme.

For Rock party favors for a baby shower, you can order a guitar shaped cake, it fits best. You can also make a music cake with piano buttons and music notes on it. A rock n roll themed baby shower party is best for both genders. So, a person can arrange a baby shower party on rock theme without worrying about either the new born will be a girl or a boy.


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