Princess Baby Shower Favors Ideas

Today’s idea is going to be more for a mom who is having a little girl and loves the Disney princesses. Or, one who already has had her little princess. Greeting Showers are becoming increasingly common, so I feel the need to mention those from time to time too. Back on topic, I am a mom of 3 girls. That being said, Disney Princess has been the theme of at least one party per year. It never gets old. No joke. I can come up with something new to do every year. So, there is nothing wrong with starting out just a little early. If mom likes the princesses, then why not? So let’s try to make this baby shower about pampering. New mom is going to need it.

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princess baby shower favors

1.       Party Kits. Wow, why can’t these be available for every party theme? I found them at Party City. You can get a kit with a Tangled Theme, Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, or ALL of the princesses. A kit for 8 guests is about $30 and a deluxe kit for 16 guests is $100. The kits will include plates, flatware, cups, napkins, and some basic favors. The favors are better for little kids but, since you will be using paper plates and napkins anyway, why not just go ahead and have them match the theme?

cinderella party kit

2.       Guest Favors. Since most guests to baby showers are women, portable grooming items can make great favors. You can get princess themed folding hair brushes at Walmart, Kmart or Party City to include. What woman ever complained about having too many hair brushes? Ok, I have once. BUT, I couldn’t find any of them within a week of uttering those cursed words. Never again will a complaint come out about owning too many of those blessed items.

Nail Polish. BonBon nail polish is a great party favor and super cheap. You can find nearly 100 colors to put in the favor bags. I think matching polish to the color of the hair brush would be great. Don’t forget to throw in a couple pre-wrapped nail polish remover pads.

Bubbly. No, not champagne. Bubble bath, little bottles are easily found in the dollar spot at Target. If the shower is happening after momma’s 36 week mark, use lavender scented. All that relaxation will help get her muscles loosened right up for when the big day comes.

3.       Games. Get a pack of princess tiaras and tape a folded piece of paper to each one telling what prize (say, a color from the favor bags) will correspond to each one on the inside of the paper, on the outside, a number. At the start of the shower, each lady gets to wear one. After the mom has opened her gifts, play a game of “Wicked Stepmother”. This is Dirty Santa with a Princess twist. Yes, the games normally come before the gifts, but, this will have the guests having fun deciding who gets the pink colored nail polishes and brushes. Be sure to have a couple bags that have full size bottles of polish (OPI or similar) and a surprise favor that isn’t in the other bags, just to make it fun. Oh, and what princess themed shower, party or get together is complete without Pretty, Pretty Princess. Yes the game. Have that handy too for a little extra fun.



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