Plastic Baby Shower Favors Ideas

Baby shower is one occasion which is very emotional, warm and happy event sometimes involving tears of joy. The happiness that a new baby brings in cannot be expressed in words and can only be spread among your dear ones by celebrating the occasion together.

Though it is not good on the part of the guests to expect something in return after the party, It is a nice gesture on the part of the hosts to give favors which will be loved by the guests.

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plastic baby shower favors

Selecting the baby shower favors is more difficult thing than planning and organizing the event. These plastic baby shower favors should suit the theme and not only be cute but also should be useful to the guests. In addition to this all these should be within your budget.

Here we give a few ideas which are not only cute but also easy to make at home. As they are homemade it is easy to attach a personal message to them and also make them suit the theme.

Have a look at the plastic baby shower favors given below:

Fill plastic baby bottles with candies, chocolates, Jordan almonds, bath beads, jelly beans or bath salts. Tie a cute ribbon on the top with a small slip attached to it saying thank you with the names of the mother and the baby.

Get some baby booties and fill them with chocolates, candies, gum balls and tie the opening with ribbon and a message same as the baby bottles.

Small plastic bottles also make up great baby shower favors. Fill these bottles with bath salts, baby powders or shower gel and tie a ribbon around the neck.

Plastic tea cups filled with candle gel is a beautiful baby shower favor. You can get flowers and keep one flower in each tea cup and give them to the guests.

Bring a plastic flower pot and a packet of seeds of tulips or daffodils and ask the guests to nurture the plant same as the mother does to her baby as it grows up. Decorate the flower pots with paints to make it look even more beautiful.Fill see through plastic boxes with candies or any other goodies and give them as favors. These boxes enable the guests to have a look at what is inside them.

Making these homemade plastic baby shower favors is not a huge task and it even makes the guests feel that the mom to be cares even for her friends and family. These favors are not much expensive and will be within your budget. Plastic baby shower favors are cute and look elegant at the same time.

As they involve the craft work of the mom to be the guests will be happy that they are valued and the mom to be will be satisfied that she had made the favors herself.

This makes the baby shower a successful event giving double happiness to the mom to be. So think of these plastic baby shower favors before you arrange one and enjoy making those.

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