Make Your December Baby Shower Special with Unique Christmas Gifts

Christmas is coming, and happiness is just around the corner. It is a time of wonder and magic, and gifts are just a part of the Christmas spirit. If a close friend or family member is expecting a new member this holiday season, these unique Christmas gifts could be your savior.

However, your gifts need to have a thought behind it. It cannot just be anything you pick from around the corner store. The essence of Christmas is love, friends, and family, and you should always prepare to uphold it, Christmassy style!

unique christmas gifts

Now that you are finally hooked, let’s explore some ideas that might add a certain worth to your feeling.

For the man!

If you know that your friends or family is expecting a new man in their family, your gift will make a difference. Then again, do you really know what a great idea for a boy’s baby shower is?

Here are some exclusive baby boy gift ideas that could be a snug fit for him this December!

  • Bath robes

Bath robes are a great option for newborn babies. They look cute and make baby boys look more classy and sophisticated. Imagine a toddler, wearing the coolest bath robe with his initials on it. It can’t get any cuter!

  • Snow globes

Imagine a delightful baby boy snugging in a glass snow globe. Eureka! You take the spirit of Christmas and an upcoming baby shower, and sprinkle it with all the cuteness you can get your hands on.

Baby boy snow globes are a delightful option for a Christmas baby shower.

  • Blue baby bottle candles

Blue is the color for baby boys. Their blue dresses will be in perfect sync with the blue baby bottle scented candles. It will fill the room with scented aroma that soothes babies and helps them sleep better.

Websites like have relaxing shades of blue baby bottle candles. You can certainly try out from the variety available.

Wait! Below is the list if it’s a girl. 

For the Lady!

Now, time for the showstopper options of unique Christmas gifts. Baby girls have some of the prettiest gift options. These presents are the cutest mix of adorability and sweetness. 

Here are some of the best options for baby girl showers this holiday season.

  • The princess costume

Nothing suits a baby girl better than a pink princess costume. When you see them wear it, you will feel like looking at the two most complimenting things in the world.

Princess costumes come in different attires. There are the Disney princesses like Snow White and Cinderella, along with traditional princess dress ideas.

  • Cute animal wind chimes

If you want your gift to be of some value to the parents as well as the baby, this is your way to go. A great accessory for baby cribs is baby animal wind chimes. They are a great option to pacify a crying baby or soothe a sleeping one. 

You can also opt for a Santa Claus themed chime to uphold the winter wonder of a Christmas baby shower.

  • Soft toys

Soft toys have always been a favorite of baby girls. From big brown cushy bears to cute elks, there are numerous soft toy options online.

Opt for ones with mild colors and furry coats. Nothing works better as one of their favorite unique Christmas gifts – toys.

Need more options?

These are just the ones that would be enticing gifts for the festive season. You can also check for other baby shower ideas at websites such as Gift idea websites host a lot more ideas for different types of occasions including wedding, girlfriend gifts, boyfriend gifts, and children gifts among others.  


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