Let the Party Glow with Baby Bottle Candle Shower Favors

Giving your baby a warm welcome by celebrating his or her arrival through a wondrous baby shower party could be one of the happiest events in your life. So, in order to make the event lovelier, preparing stuffs that are essential for the party is a bit challenging. One of the things that could make the host feel stressed is the party favors that are given much time to think about.

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Baby Bottle Candle Shower Favors

What are the best party favors to consider, anyway? You might probably think about a lot of things, and one of those is candles. But, of course, you need a specific design for it. And if you’re looking for lovely designs, why not give a thought to a baby bottle design for a candle baby shower favor? It would be awesome, for sure.

Here are some stylish baby bottle candle shower favors that might add up some glow to your party.

What you and guests really want to see in a baby shower favor is its uniqueness, that’s why if you are looking for something different, why not consider this favor that really catches an attention? This baby bottle candle with a sitting baby boy that hugs it is very cute and adorable—something you would not always see in baby shower favor items. With this baby bottle design, everyone would definitely be amazed!

Anyone would be truly impressed with this favor. These baby bottle designs are great especially if your baby is a girl. Anyhow, you can choose masculine colors like blue if your baby is a boy. This baby bottle design with variety of drawings in its body is cool. Drawings like duck, crown, and heart are very fun to look at. Wrapped in a transparent plastic box with ribbons and tag attached, the overall package is pretty and attractive. Anyone would truly appreciate this kind of favor.

These baby bottle design favors are certainly the favors guests are looking for. Unique, creative, adorable things that would really captivate everyone. These party favors are made of glass, and surprisingly, their tops are removable.

You can use the underneath candles anytime, anywhere you want. The overall package is also magnificent. With the transparent plastic wrapping attached with white ribbon and tag, these baby bottle candle shower favors are perfect for a treat!

Generosity is not bad, anyways. Giving out these six pieces of baby bottle candle favors all in one is something that guests would truly treasure. Wrapped in a transparent box, the favor is simply elegant anyone would truly want to have it!

These pink and white colored baby bottle candles are perfect for a treat. They stand up lovely with a splendid candle holder made of tin. You’ll surely amaze your guests with these unbelievably stunning baby shower favors!

Giving out baby bottle candle shower favors is one of the best things you could render to your guests as a sign of your utmost thanksgiving for sharing their time with your memorable event. With these wonderful and crafty baby bottle candles, you sure to make everyone’s hearts glow with wonder.

Have a glowing and shimmering baby shower party!


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