Hand Baby Shower Favors Ideas

You can make the pregnant woman’s life exciting by hosting a baby shower for her. She gets to spend some quality time with family and friends which may not be possible in near future as the new baby will occupy her time. It is the best time to get suggestions which will be very important if the mom to be is expecting her first baby.

The atmosphere will be full of toys, fun and enjoyment. The party ends by giving party favors to the guests. Now is the important task of selecting the favors. Usually people give away cookies and candies as they will always be the favorites to everyone.

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But if you want to be different from others and if you can afford to favors which need considerable amount, you can go for some expensive favors. Hand baby shower favors are a good idea which generally last longer than usual candy favors. Here are some of the ideas of hand baby shower favors which you can use.

Nail Polish

nail polish baby shower favors

You can personalize the nail polish by giving your touch to it. What you may need are two different colored ribbons, nail polish bottles, a personalized tag, a toy pacifier which matches the ribbon. Cut the ribbons to tie a bow around the neck of the nail polish.

Pass the end of the ribbon through the hole of the tag and the pacifier and attach it to the bottle like a bow. This appears very beautiful if you choose good colors for the ribbons.

Personalized Manicure box

Personalized Manicure box

A five piece manicure box, Design wrapper, ribbon and personalized labels are what you require to make these. The wrapper can be taken from the internet choosing the correct design which suits your occasion and wrap the manicure box neatly, Stick the personalized label which contains the name of the mom to be and the date of the baby shower. Now tie a ribbon around the box to make it presentable.

Hand Sanitizer

mini hand sanitizer baby shower favors

Mini hand sanitizer bottles, personalized gift tags, netted ribbon and string are needed to make this favor. Pass the string through the hole of the tag and tie it to the neck of the sanitizer bottle. Now tie the ribbon around it to cover the string in the shape of a bow. You can place these bottles in a colorful basket in the party space so that the guests will pick up the favor as they leave.

The moms to be generally want to thank the guests for supporting them and want to make the day as memorable to the guests as it is to them. The above ideas give them a chance to give their touch to the gifts.

These hand baby shower favors last for some time and remind the guests of the memorable time they hand during the special occasion. There is always a chance to attach your personalized tag to the favors to remind the guests of the special day. You can even mention the due date on the tag so that the guests can wish you on the arrival of the new baby.


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