Graco Classic Changing Table
Graco Classic Changing Table

Unlike other pieces of furniture you would purchase, a baby changing table is primarily about function.

If you end up using your 5-10 times a day, each day, you are going to want a hard-working model that helps you get things done and make your life easy.

Not every changing table out there are going to work for you, but the tight one like GRACO classic will have you re-diapering your baby with the efficiency and speed of a Formula One pit stop

Graco Classic Baby Changing Table

This Graco Classic model is the best choice for parents who use cloth diapers for their kids.

It has an open, 2 shelf designs that give plenty of flexibility for storing all of the supplies essential for cloth diapering.

You can use the baskets to hold liners, baskets, wipes, and creams. Also, there is room to fit a small pail for utilized diapers.

Graco Classic changing table has a simple but very quality appearance.

The pebble gray shade is versatile enough to work in most nurseries. It even comes with a water-resistant feature changing pad with a complete safety belt.

Graco Classic Changing Table
Graco Classic Changing Table

What makes Graco Classic ideal for cloth diapering are the high sections.

This feature, along with the perfect safety belt on the baby changing pad, should give parents some peace of mind while focusing on getting rid of the dirty and smelly diapers as quickly as possible.


  • Solid and well built
  • 2 tall open shelves for storing baby changing supplies
  • One of the taller variants available in the market
  • No assembly is required
  • Include an anti-slop kit for protecting the table


You will probably have to buy additional storage baskets to keep your supplies properly organized on the open shelves

Graco Changing Table Assembly and Review