Girl Baby Shower Ideas That Emphasize Femininity

No one would expect the organizers of baby girl shower to scratch their heads too much wondering about the best ideas and girl baby shower themes. The most surprising thing is that this happens quite often. As a hint, the baby shower for this new girl who is about to come into the family should be graced with sweetness – spice, sugar, sunshine, ribbons, rainbows, and all those things that best define baby girls. Think of tea parties, baby dolls and interesting games; these girl baby shower ideas make the event worth looking forward to and very memorable.

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girl baby shower ideas

Women are particularly excellent evaluators of what is cute and adorable and what is not. No wonder girl baby shower ideas almost always originate from them. On the part of the host, it matters a lot what you ask the guests to bring along. Needless to say, a family woman-friend will handle the task very efficiently. She knows which items are cute and which color combinations result in an amazing environment. In other words she can seldom go wrong with the choice of girl baby shower themes.

girl baby shower ideas

Sometimes one can know whether it is a boy or a girl that is going to be born. In the case of a girl a doll is a very important item. Grace it with the cutest outfit ever. Remember mom will keep the doll after the baby girl shower. The doll may even be stored long enough for the baby girl to see it and be told about it when she grows up. For this reason, it has to be really frilly and girlie and yet highly precious and long-lasting.

It is such a funny thing for the mother to take care of the ‘baby girl’ at all times during the shower. This she can do by exclaiming ‘precious, cute and wonderful doll’. Traditionally the women will make sounds that mimic the cries of the baby girl. This makes baby showers full of life as well as maintaining focus on the baby girl who is about to be born.

The festivities of the day should go on as planned. It is interesting to see the mother delegating all the difficult tasks to the grandmother and different ‘aunties’ who are in attendance. This is what party fun is all about. In case there are games to be played the mother-to-be must be at the center of them all. Her presence will mean a lot in terms of infusing reality into the baby girl shower.

girl baby shower themes

Talking of games, many things come into mind. Those interesting games that you are very fascinated with should involve the guests by enabling them take an active role in ‘charting’ the desired paths in the baby’s life. They could figure out that she has become a teenager. From this point, they will need to be creative and come up with hypothetical questions. These questions should highlight the challenges that come with every stage in life. It is always interesting to see the mother’s reaction to each of the questions.

Different issues that need to be highlighted in the questions can include periods, sex, quarrels with friends, boyfriends asking to dance with her, midlife crisis, and so on. The worst thing that you want is to make the event to fall below the expectations of the parents. It is not good for stakes to be raised only to be lowered when it comes to celebrating the actual event.

Baby cakes matter a lot to both the parents and the guests. A cake serves the role of being an icon. A baby cake should be easy to bake. A handy alternative is to buy it from a local store or any other appropriate place where the girl baby shower themes direct you. It is the mommy-to-be who should serve it. In fact, it is her who should open all the gifts. Onesie is a very popular baby shower cake which is made and distributed by Pink Cake Box. The company also makes other varieties of baby shower cakes. Wilton is another firm that specializes in baby cakes.

When it is time to make the girl baby shower ideas really chic, you need to throw in flashes of creativity in terms of selection of foods, drinks and girl baby shower themes for use in making decorations. When you are creative you will be surprised by how much you will be able to keep your budget within reasonable bounds. DIY shower favors can be considered in case you want to offer thank you gifts with richness of meaning.


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