Fun Sugar Cookie Baby Shower Favors

When is comes about baby showers it is very important to have a catchy theme, that the guests will enjoy, and the soon-to-be mother will have a great time. Planning a baby shower doesn’t have to be a burden, but a pleasure to prepare all there is to prepare, in order to offer love and appreciation to all those close to the family. For today, we propose a sugar cutter baby shower favors.

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sugar cookie baby shower favors

It might sound weird a cookie baby shower favors, but think of all the things you can do with them. And if you can’t think of anything, here are some ideas of how to use cookies as an entertaining thing at the baby shower. But first of all, make sure you have all the cookie cutters you can find, by buying them or asking your friends and family to lend you theirs.

The next step is obvious and could be a truly delight, and it is represented by the baking part of the baby shower. Make sure to bake at least a dozen of every shape, because at a sugar cutter baby shower favors the main attractions are the nice shaped cookies. Try and play with the ingredients for the cookies. Make chocolate chips cookie, hazelnuts cookies, coco-puffs cookies or mint cookies. You have a lot of flavors to add to your cookies, in order to make one for every taste. When they’re done, let them get a little cold and prepare the plan of action.

It would be better if you would have a few trays, but if not, it’s also working with plates. Now get your fresh cold cookies and use vanilla or chocolate cream as a glue, and begin to decorate the trays. Because there is a very big chance you would have cookies shaped as an animal, try to make a landscape of cookies. You can make it 3D, by putting cookie after cookie, and also you can fill in the empty spaces with different colors of cream. It will be a very nice and original way to serve your guests a sweet treat, but make sure you offer them a lot of napkins and table spoons so they don’t get stained by all that creme.

sugar cookie baby shower

You can also make cookie cutter baby shower favors by sewing the cookies with thread or string. Of course, there is the risk that those cookies won’t be eaten after that, but it is worthy. You can either make a long line of cookies zebras passing through, or a garland of flower shaped cookies and so on. Just let your imagination go wild.

If you managed to do at least two or three landscapes and you still have cookies, think of a way to make to-go sugar cutter baby shower favors for the guests. You can make a creative cookie jar that could also serve as a decoration when the cookies are gone. Also, a decorative box filled with goodies is a good idea. This way, you can also offer a totem of your appreciation for the guests, customized or not.

At all these ideas, you can add your own, so that the baby shower is exactly how you imagined it to be. Keep in mind that as long as the guests are feeling good there and you as well, you have made a good job.


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