Five memorable baby shower games

Baby shower games are considered as the most exciting and most memorable part of the baby shower event. The entire guests and the family members take part in it and they really enjoy being a part of it. Being parents is really a wonderful experience and baby shower is the way by which people can enjoy being a part of all the occasions in it. There is a lot of games that are played in the baby shower and they are liked by the people. If you are planning to arrange such an event, here are some ideas for the baby shower games.

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memorable baby shower games


Baby shower games are one of the memorable events which take place before the birth of the baby for a few days. Prior to starting the game, everyone has to introduce himself. Below is the list of some famous Baby shower games.

1) Never say “baby”; materials required for this game are baby protection pins or any of the baby object which can be placed in a thread for each woman to put on as a necklace. Every woman has to place that necklace in her collar when she comes to the party. The set of laws for this baby shower game are first to be introduced to everyone, which are that whenever says the word “baby” during the whole event, any woman grab a pin from the necklace of that woman who acknowledged the word.

2) How many baby items can you name; materials required in this baby shower game are the padding of paper and a pen for every woman. According to the rule, everyone has to write the names of baby products(as bottle,towel, blanket) as many as they can. Time available for this task is not more than 5 minutes. No doubt it is easy in the beginning to write the names, but as the time passes women begin racking their minds. The prize is given to the lady who writes the maximum items within 5 minutes.

3) Who can make the Mother-To-Be’s baby; material required are paper,glue,scissors and baby magazines. Women are grouped up into 3 teams and each team is provided with the required materials. Each team has to cut out the portion of different baby traits from the given magazines and make the image of what they believe the Mother-To-Be’s baby will seem like that. The mother has to put out that which baby will look possibly like hers. And of course, the winning players get the prize.

4) Baby song list; paper pad and a pen for each woman are required for this baby shower free game. Everyone has to write the songs that have baby word in titles within 5 minutes.

5) Name that baby tune; materials are CD player or a cassette player. Play the baby songs on the player and see which baby shower guest guesses most of the baby songs. This is one of the most favorite baby shower games.



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