Awesome Boy Baby Shower Ideas You Can Adopt

The main difference between shower ideas for boy and girl babies is color themes. For boys green and blue are the best. For girls pink and white are most suitable. In case the focus is put on boys you will be surprised to note that it is very easy to come up with creative ideas.

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boy baby shower ideas

Ever heard of the frog diaper cake that makes all the difference in the boy baby shower? Well, it is one of the amazing boy baby shower ideas you need to explore. It is even more fun when the right color is put into it. In case you have invited many people for the shower then the cake is sure to become the biggest hit. You don’t want to make any mistakes when preparing it therefore. Better still, you may choose to buy a baby boy shower cake from professional cake makers.

boy baby shower theme

Cinnamon buns are also wonderful for the party. It is even better if you can access the canned ones. They become conspicuous when they are put in clear bags. Then the taste needs to be right. This creates the right mood and makes the people perceive the baby shower for what it really is. This is always a very important moment for the expectant mother.

The color that you choose for a  boy baby  shower theme speaks volumes. For those who want to offer some gifts, bright green and blue are the best options. How about buying a baby picture and then writing an inscription at the bottom? That would be a really nice  baby boy shower gift. It would be the kind of gift that expresses all your feelings about the mother as well as the baby boy. The message needs to be a clear welcome to the child and a congratulatory note to the parents.

A baby shower without games is not really complete. One of these games is ‘can’t say baby’. In this game diaper pins are used to make necklaces. A green curling ribbon also works well for a game that pokes fun at the mother’s tummy. Guests could try to guess how big the tummy is by cutting the ribbon into a size that will fit round the belly. You therefore need to have many ribbons. The one whose guess comes closest to the tummy’s dimensions becomes the winner.

boy baby shower ideas

Another game which you can generate through researching for boy baby shower ideas involves filling a baby bottle with many jelly beans and then requesting the guests to give a guess on how many of them there are. There are so many other games to consider, including this popular one about identifying who is who in the photos that the guests could have brought along. In the meantime, great things will be going on in other areas. The games are a good way of keeping things moving by giving the guests something to do as the food is being prepared. It is catastrophic for people to get bored and start dozing during a baby shower.

One of the best ways of pampering the venue of a baby boy shower is by renting a tent which is decorated by bright green and blue balloons. Curling ribbons of the same colors should also be added. The ceiling of the tent should not be bare. Decorations in the form of flowers, balloons and shiny papers should be used. The table at the center of the table should be graced with the same decorations so as to make it appear to match with the other indoor and outdoor decorations.

It might seem rather funny to suggest that a boy baby shower towel can be used as a guest book but this is what it takes to make the baby shower a really memorable one. Additionally, ‘Thank You’ cards should not be overlooked. It would be good to request all the guests to address each of the envelopes to themselves at the reception table inside the tent. This will make the task of sending out mail very easy.

These ideas are merely a tip of the iceberg. A boy baby shower theme that surrounds the topic of a video game, a superhero, or a story book will arouse curiosity not only in the child (when it reaches the ideal age to start using toys) but also the mother. It will also elicit many surprising comments from the partying crowd. Try out researching for more ideas for a boy baby shower theme and you will be overwhelmed by the amount of inspiration that you will get. Instead of spending too much just become creative and end up with joyous boy baby shower ideas that will inspire you.


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