Ethnic baby shower invitations

A baby shower is a good way to show appreciation. The good thing is that this appreciation it’s not only for the soon-to-be mother, to show her that the people around her care and want to make her feel calm and loved, but it is also a way to show appreciation from the mother to all of her friends, family, and husband. A way to celebrate all that there is to love in a world, that’s what a baby shower is.

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ethnic baby shower invitations

And if you ask me what an ethnic baby shower invitations is, well … that’s another story. Not that different of a story, because a baby shower is a baby shower. Ethnic is just a term used for baby showers that are not plain American.

Therefore, it describes any baby shower favors that are not exclusively made for a Caucasian child. Even though it’s true that baby showers are a custom held only in the United States, we can’t omit the fact there are Americans with different origin.

For an African-American baby shower, the predominant theme is brown everything. You can find decoration made especially for this sort of a baby shower. For example, there are napkins with an African-American baby, smiling at his guests, saying different things like: ”Enjoy my baby shower!” or ”Please, bring me candy!” If the organizers are very proud of their origin, they can also ask the guests to wear at least an African-American element when at the baby shower.

Another idea for an ethnic baby shower invitations regards the Mexican culture. You don’t have to be Mexican to throw a baby shower as such, just to like the theme and to make it the main point of interest in your baby shower.

Luckily for you, you can find Mexican favors almost anywhere, and a few sombrero hats, chili con carne and a band of mariachi could really turn your party into an excellent distraction for your guests.

If you choose an Asian ethnic baby shower invitations, you need to make sure you make it colored. Asia is all about color, especially in the East. For an Indian party, provide for the guests a painter who can paint henna designs on their hands.

It is true this custom is used for Indian soon-to-be wives, but the experience will be more complete with this favor. Also, every guest must wear colored clothes, whatever the material is.

If you plan to make an Japanese ethnic baby shower invitations, you have to keep in mind a few symbols. As you may know or heard, in Japan the cherry trees are a symbol, an important element of their culture and also a world attraction.

Try to introduce this theme into the baby shower. As you may know, Japan is also called The Country of the Raising Sun, because on the well-known world map the country is in the East, from where the Sun raises. A sun shaped pillow can be a great parting gifts for the guests, and also a reminder of the baby shower.

Of course, there are many other ethnic party invitations, but they can all be adapted. As long as you can find out a few symbols from a world culture, you can make an original and fun baby shower, following the steps to organizing a baby shower.


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