A bedside bassinet gives you the closeness and convenience of co-sleeping while allowing baby his or her own protected space.
The sidewall lowers to allow you to tend to baby without leaving your bed.
Easy to attach or remove from parents’ bed using the two fastening straps provided.

Features Ergoveno Foldable Bedside Crib Reviews

7 height positions to suit parents’ bed.
The two-side mesh makes a more breathable and cozy room.
Easy-open side panel for bedside mode.
Stable bottom supported and comfortable mattress with the sleeping board.
Suitable from Birth to 5-months/33lbs or until baby can pull themselves into an upright position.

Co-sleeping baby bassinet

Safety Tip:

  1. Only use Mika Micky Bassinet accessories and fitted sheets.
  2. Recommend for babies from birth until they reach any of the following milestones:
    1. outgrow the bassinet;
    2. reaches 33 lbs;
    3. roll over and bump to the side to wake themselves up;
    4. sit up by themselves.

Most babies transition from a bassinet to a crib by 6 months old.