Easy Baby Shower Party Favors to Easily Hit the Party!

Every baby deserves a warm welcome. And every mom-to-be deserves a great baby shower party. With this lovely event, everyone expect to have some great-to-keep mementos to cherish forever.

Baby shower favors are fun to prepare but also take a great deal of thoughts. While thinking about what favors to give to your guests, you might think about those favors which are easy to prepare and easy to buy. Now, how do you find baby shower favors that are easy to prepare?

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Find out some easy baby shower party favors below, be amazed and see for yourself..

crafty baby shower favor ideas

Okay. You adore them, don’t you? These baby shower favors is worthy of your no-sweat effort. Curious about how it is done? What you need to prepare are just these things: craft foam, precision cutter, ribbons, safety pins, glue gun, beads and decor shapes.

Easy to find materials, right? Now, how do you do it? First, simply cut the foam with your precision cutter, forming it into a trapezoid form. Fold the flat corner up. Just imagine yourself making a letter envelop. Glue the corner using your glue gun.

Glue the other two ends at the side together towards the center. Have your ribbon made into a tie and attach it to the center to make a great decoration. Aside from ribbons and ties, you can also choose other decor shapes to be placed at the center.

Glue the safety pin outside to secure the corners at their proper place. Now, you already have an easy yet amazing baby shower favor to everyone! With just a little effort, you already have a wonderful and sweet finished product.

Another beautiful and crafty baby shower favor ideas is sure to please everyone in the party. These special pink plastic glasses are so pretty everyone would adore them. Designed with a white flower cut and white ribbon at their front, the packaging is so lovely!

Plus the variety of candy mints that are placed inside—these favors are absolutely what everyone is looking for! These crafty stuffs are made even sweeter because of the stylish tags in a lollipop sticks that are planted inside, making them a lot cooler and pleasing to the eyes.

These stuffs are also easy to prepare, no hassle and will take you less effort. These special treats would truly make up anyone’s day!

pink glasses with candy baby shower favors

Isn’t it sweet to just simply express your happiness through this simple yet fantastic treat. All you need to prepare with this favor is just plain, clear glass, ribbon, and sweet candies! Just tie the ribbon around the glass and make it stylish. It will take you not less than fifteen minutes to create this fabulous favor. Guests will really admire your creativity with this awesome keepsake you have for them. So, what are you waiting for? Make something like this now and win your guests’ warm appreciation.

Sweet candies are also perfect not just inside the glass but also in a teacup. This easy baby shower favor is simply stunning and truly one of a kind. It is prepared same as to the photo above. Just secure teacups with a small porcelain dish, ribbons of any design and candies! This easy baby shower party favors is superb and classy in a simple way. Truly worth considering!

Anything could be sweeter with just simplicity aside. Try preparing these easy baby shower party favors on your party and start having fun!


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