Doctor Who Themed Baby Shower

In celebration of the conclusion of year 49 of Doctor Who, this post is going to be a “Whovian” themed shower post. If you search for “Doctor Who Themed Parties”, you will see a plethora of results. I have selected a few of my favorites and compiled a short idea list.

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doctor who baby shower themes


Allons-y. Upon searching for the spelling of this particular Tenth Doctor favorite, the very first search result was a YouTube clip of Doctor Who. The second was an urban dictionary article which made reference to The Tenth Doctor.

For that reason, it seems that most of the world has forgotten the original meaning of the word: “Let’s go”. Using this, one can come up with several ideas such as the words “Let’s Go Baby” or “Allons-y Alonso” if the baby’s going to be named Alonso. If not, just stick with a simple “Allons-y” on the greeting banner.

Bow Ties are Cool. A common phrase used by the current Doctor. One can use bow ties to hold together flatware for the place settings. Be sure to use a slight auburn hue to complement his hair. Idea number two (2) for bow ties would be to attach them to pacifiers.

Something cute to make your shower one for the scrapbooks, this also becomes an excellent photo opportunity. To do this, just simply take the bow ties off the pacifier and have the guests put the pacifiers in their mouths and the bow ties at their necks (use clip-ons to make this work better).

Fish Fingers and Custard. Here we have the food and the dietary needs of the expectant momma covered. Not really. If she really does like these combinations, then by all means it is totally edible in the fashion that the current Doctor liked in his debut episode. If not, just serve them separately from one another. This will also reduce the need for a waste receptacle for each guest.

doctor who baby shower themes

Sonic Screwdriver. The weapon tool of choice for the Doctor dating back to his days at Gallifrey. Gallifrey being his home planet which is currently in a time lock for those who do not watch the show (interesting note: NASA has found a planet that they are calling Kepler-47b, which they claim strongly resembles the depiction of Gallifrey). We can use the sonic screwdriver’s shape for cookies, cake stencils, and you can find them in toy form online.

Don’t blink: Weeping Angels. Weeping Angels are one of the most mysterious and intense enemies the Doctor has ever faced. They only move when they aren’t being observed by anyone. If you have any more curiosities, search “Tenth Doctor explains Weeping Angels” Use this only if the facility you are using to host the shower has angel statues.

TARDIS: Time and Relative Dimension in Space. This is the Doctor’s time machine/space ship. It also translates languages into the Queen’s English. So you can have a little fun with this and write odd phrases on the napkins. Also, you will find printable templates for do it yourself gift boxes. You can adopt the cake idea used with the sonic screwdriver if you prefer to just have a rectangular cake as the TARDIS merely has the shape of a 1960’s Police Call Box.

There are several other Doctor themed ideas to choose from ranging from Cybermen to Daleks. It’s always fun to play with the ideas that work for you. Overall this post is just to help make sure that momma’s having fun before the baby arrives.


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