Cookie Mix Baby Shower Favors that are So Sweet

Simplicity is beauty. No wonder this Cookie Mix Baby Shower Favors truly makes a beautiful impression. And even if the cookie mix designs were crafted pure and simple, these will not make your baby shower celebration dull.

Just cook and everything will turn out fine. Wrapped in transparent cellophane bags with pink paper lining, these Cookie Mix Baby Shower Favors are definitely few of the best baby shower favors in the planet!

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Cookie Mix Baby Shower Favors

This Cookie Mix Baby Shower Favors could be a sweet, perfect treat for your baby shower party. The cookie mix from the left was deliciously done with Snips and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails cookies from chocolate chip oatmeal.

The cookie mix from the right is done in Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice Cookies. The overall packages are pretty, with their beautiful ribbons at the jars’ heads. These treats are not just adorable to look at, but also delicious you feel like grabbing it and have a try! If you’re looking for cute and palatable cookie mix favor, certainly these stuffs are what you’re looking for.

This cookie mix in a jar from surely makes a hit to your guests. This cowboy inspired cookie mix includes fresh ingredients like different colors of M&M, cookies and sugars. Accented with a blue ribbon around the jar’s neck—and with a marking,‘It’s A Boy’ in front, this favor really emphasizes a cute baby shower celebration.

With this kind of favor, your creativity is seen. Not only that. While making these stuffs, you get to enjoy what you are doing. This is a good way to give out yummy favors to everyone!

This favor is exceptionally magnificent. No wonder this type of favors truly makes a beautiful impression. This cookie mix favor is looking so yummy and delicious. And one thing’s for sure. This palatable treat will not make your celebration dull. Placed in transparent jar with yellow silk covering and yellow ribbon, this cookie mix is just one of the best baby shower favors in the planet!

This cookie mix baby shower favors is probably what you are looking for. This one is so pretty and adorable. With the fresh cookie mix ingredients placed in a glass jar with a nipple at the head—everything is just so unique.

This stuff, for sure is going to be paraded with great impressions from your guests. And for sure, guests will enjoy its delectable taste. Overall, the package is nicely prepared, with a ‘Thank You! It’s a Girl!’ printings at the front and with, of course, the baby’s name. Its pink ribbon is also fantastic. This cookie mix in a jar is truly worth considering!

Cookie mix party favors are not just adorable.

Everyone will truly appreciate these kinds of favors because of their sweet and delectable appearances, which of course, make everyone’s tummy happy! Now, if you want to make everything in your baby shower memorably sweet, cookie mix baby shower favors will truly burst out everything!

Consider these cookie mix baby shower favors, and rest assured..everything is oh, so sweet! Have a lovely and enjoyable baby shower party!


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