Choosing the Best ABC Party Favors for Baby Shower

Every baby is a blessing. So, in order to give thanks for his or her coming, you are considering for a baby shower party—a celebration to show how glad you are for having the child come into the family.

abc baby shower theme

It’s nice to celebrate your baby shower party with so much fun and learning for everyone. Choosing an ABC theme for a baby shower party is such a unique choice in celebrating for your baby’s warm welcoming.

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What is an ABC baby shower party?

This unique theme is all about decorating letters or even numbers at the venue in order to emphasize the real meaning of the theme. This is of course—mainly intended for the guests’ kids, most especially those kids who ages two to three years old. Activities then take place, wherein there are games such as simple word quizzes and identification. Parents who are invited in this party are going to be amused with their kids’ cleverness.

Now, you are probably thinking about the favors to be given to your guests who will come over. Well, it’s not difficult to find ABC stuffs, actually. With this theme, what matters is your creativity.

In preparing for a baby shower favor, your focus are the kids. You have to choose those stuffs that will be useful for the kids as they continue to learn.

Take a look, ‘coz I am going to list out some lovable ABC party favors for baby shower party.

These small cardboard boxes that are painted like building blocks of the alphabet are good party favors especially for those parents who have infants and toddlers. The children can make use of these things as they are still starting to identify the letters in the alphabet. With this favor, guests are not just making use of this as a decoration but it also promotes learning to the kids

This alphabet cake is also good for an abc party favors for baby shower. This is too fun to look at and very unique as well. You won’t find it hard to please everyone around.

This picture frame will also do—for the adult guests. They can make use of it by placing them as decorations to their house. With this kind of party favor, there’s no way your guests won’t love it.

Time to lighten up your guests’ eyes with these magnificent, glimmering favors. These elegant ABC labeled candles and candle holders are perfectly crafted to impress! The candles are made of white wax that seems to give itself a soft and warm appearance to anyone. And of course the pale colored candle holders were printed with ABC, which would make good favors for the guests especially if you choose an ABC theme. Wrapping it in a clear, transparent and firm plastic with pink ribbon is such heaven to the eyes! But remember you have all the freedom to choose another color if you would like—whatever it pleases you. Pink colors are lovely if your baby is female. And if your baby is male, color blue is the perfect choice for a ribbon.

Giving spreaders for ABC party favors for baby shower are just superb. These are the kinds of favors that you would really love to spread to your guests because of its creativity. These ABC blocks spreaders are made in a stainless material that is free from blemishes. These are not just lovely but also useful for your guests at home—especially for your guests that are moms. Since ABC is emphasized in this favor—as ABC is designed in its handle, it’s also perfect for an ABC party favors for baby shower. The thing that’s really creative with this favor is that, it is laid in flawless, flexible fibers inside the box that serves as its container. Well, the box looks presentably lovely too because of its simple yet colorful design. The spreader, which is visible because of the clear cover above, looks sophisticated inside. The white, soft ribbon above the box gives the complete and best presentation of the favor. Overall, it’s wonderful and so creative! The guests will truly gasp in wonder with this favor.

Giving thoughts with the suggestions above, you now have ideas what to give for the special celebration you are looking forward to. These ABC party favors for baby shower will surely make a hit, so what are you waiting for? Start buying any of these now and enjoy your baby shower celebration!

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