For example, if the need for a crib never raises questions, then a changing table is a controversial thing, especially if the budget for equipment is limited.

Why do you need a changing table?

Of course, it is needed if you want to swaddle the baby, or in our time, when no one swaddles the baby – to change nappies and perform other care procedures.
Many mothers calmly live without a changing table: they show all of the actions above in their own or children’s bed.
To save money and space in a small apartment, a changing table can be dispensed with.
Meanwhile, the benefit of a changing table is excellent.

changing table
changing table

What is the benefit of a changing table?

Firstly, this table allows you to change your baby’s clothes and look after him or her without bending over. After childbirth, many mothers have back problems.
Even if it’s not a problem, back just aches – anyway, standing once again, without bending over, is still a pleasure.
Changing the table allows you not to bend over again.
The main thing is to consider the growth of mom when choosing a table in height. Of course, such a table is much more explicit than anything else at your home.
As a rule, it should be made from materials that are not harmful to your child and allow proper disinfection.

Do you really need a changing table?

By the way, the fact that the changing table is used only for the baby – no one sits on it, eats, doesn’t store anything, is also a big plus. As a place specially provided for the baby, such a table is equipped with sides that reduce the baby’s risk to fall.
Of course, this does not mean that the child can be left unattended there: even babies who do not crawl and do not roll over can fall from the changing table, but at the expense of the sides, this risk is much less than on the bed.
In addition to the function of a place for caring for the baby, most changing table s can have shelves and drawers.
And this allows you to use a table as a place to store children’s things.
Some changing table s also have a baby bath in the kit, as a result of which they turn into a practically universal place for caring for the baby in the first months of his or her life.

What are the changing tables?

Suppose we convinced you that a changing table is a useful thing, and if space and money allow it, you should probably buy it.
Let’s talk about the varieties of such tables, starting with the most budget options.
So, the most, perhaps, a budget option is a changing table. This is an ordinary wooden board with sides and a mattress, which should be fixed on the board.
The changing board can be set on a bed, a curbstone, and when it is not needed – to unfasten and remove.

Can any Dresser be used as a changing table?

You can, in principle, just put such a thing on the surface of your bed. It is right from the point hygiene and the presence of sides for your baby, about which we talked above.
But for mom, the convenience is no different from swaddling on just a bed, and this will not add any comfort.
There are the same boards with mattresses in the kit, with hooks, pockets, and even fabric folding. When you buy, keep in mind that attachments to the crib are not always universal. Be sure to clarify this point.

How long do you use a changing table?

Also, a budget variant is a hanging changing table. As the name implies, it is a swaddle that attaches to the wall. This is a shelf made of durable plastic or metal and well-washed materials, entirely safe for a baby.
You can see such things in airplanes or public children’s rooms (for example, in parks or restaurants).

Changing table

Today such tables are made of plastic and metal, which, if there is enough space, allows you to use them in the bathroom as not only a changing table but also supports the baby bath while washing the baby.
Some “traditional” changing tables you can buy already buy with a storage system for baby items, diapers, baby cosmetics.
Of course, you won’t take a lot there, and you won’t be able to use such a thing as a closet – but you can keep there a couple of dressing kits and some small things to be at hand at the right time.
A disadvantage of such a table is a higher price than the variants that were discussed above.

Which changing table is better?

After you have estimated the characteristics of different changing table s by the budget, housing conditions, and features of future operation, you can already choose a specific model.
To do this, regardless of the type of diaper changing, you should first of all pay attention to such things as:

  • Environmental friendliness: all table materials should not be toxic or cause allergies in the child, which is confirmed by the necessary certificates from the seller;
  • Reliability: a good pollinator is sturdy and equipped with various clamps for folding or moving parts, and, for example, drawer rollers slide easily and simply;
  • Safety: the changing table should be stable, the sides should be high (so that even a large child does not fall out through them), all corners and protruding surfaces should be smoothed;
  • Size: the larger the working surface, the better. This criterion is essential taking into account the baby’s future growth and so that everything necessary can be placed next to him at the time of leaving;
  • Security: the working surface should be easily cleaned of contamination (and even better removed for washing), not afraid of moisture, while it should be non-slip, even when wet.

Following these simple rules, you are guaranteed to get a high-quality changing table convenient for you and safe for the child.
And what else is needed for comfortable care of your beloved child?

Why Should I Buy a Changing Table?