Bright Care offers long-lasting and soft children changing pad liners stations, which are the ideal size chucks for your security and suitability.

Features Bright Care Disposable Changing Pad Liners

This disposable changing pad liners has water-proof designed made with a water-resistant backing and smooth and soft to cover, making them perfect for use in changing areas when you need to protect your little one.
This disposal changing pad liners allow kid caretakers with fast and easy mess-free cleaning that helps protect your environments, while the soft and smooth top is gentle on your baby’s skin.
This small baby changing pad fits into most changing table dressers and tables and can fold into a pocket-size that can be portable to take with you on the travel.

Bright Care Disposable Changing Pad Liners
Bright Care Disposable Changing Pad Liners

Dispose of them and replace the pads after they’ve been soiled after a single-use.

To use

Softly open the pack of infant changing pad liners using hands or a tool that’s unlikely to hole or cut underpads.
Soft eliminate and unfold the sides of changing pads liners for changing dresser or changing area. Put below pad so that the white absorbent part is facing upward.
Dispose of after one use. This bright care disposal changing pad liner is portable and can be utilized on the go wherever you’re.
It provides max absorbency disposable changing table. Dresser pad can also be utilized with pets or several other purposes, making this multi-purpose item the best in the market.

Key Features

  • Portable and small – changing pad liners fold up to small and reduce size for packing anyplace when you are on the go.
  • Water-resistant – moisture blocked in this blue CHUX, made for use babies on beds or chairs or other small areas.
  • Protects skin – soft underpads are smooth on even the sensitive baby’s skin, leaving even the smallest consumers comfortable and protected.