Boys Heroes Baby Shower Ideas

With the abundance for little girls and that are unisex, we need to take some time and focus on the moms that are having baby boys. Every little boy has a profession that they idolize, be it a firefighter, a policeman, lumberjack, or Batman, there is no limit to the ideas that can flow from using any one of these professions.

And yes, according to my husband, “Batman is a profession, and I’m going to be Batman when I grow up.” Ah, men. With that said, I will just leave Batman out of this article from here on out.

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Boys Heroes Baby Shower Ideas

Matchbox Cars. These are available with police cars, fire trucks, ambulances, and even little mini semi-trucks. These don’t necessarily have to be party favors because how many of us want to take matchbox cars home to our husbands? They can be used as decorations for snack platters or even the cake. But if you are going to have husbands in attendance, nothing distracts better than toy cars and crashing noises (short of explosions that is).

This is of course not saying that the husbands are necessarily going to need a distraction, but I am sure they will be thankful while they are in a room full of women, especially if more than one of them is pregnant.Superheroes. While some may suggest little toys from Etsy shops, I’ll leave that out because we’re all adults here, right? Instead, go online and find some pictures of those who have played your favorite superheroes. Print some of them out on 3×5 photo paper.

These you can put inside Thank You cards to give to your guests. Imagine their surprise when they open a Thank You card and see a photo of a shirtless Chris Hemsworth or Hugh Jackman. I don’t think any of us would mind this.Firemen, Sheriffs, and Cowboys, oh my! Cake, cookies and cupcakes. I recommend the fire truck for the cake since it has more room, but you could also do the same thing with cookies or any other snack. I really like the idea of decorating cupcakes to look like Sheriff’s badges. And cowboys, well that idea’s the easiest of all.

Cowboy hat shaped cookies and Twizzlers as lassos.Can’t forget the lumberjack, since it was mentioned aboveJ. This idea’s going to be especially easy. Plaid table cloths, not made flannel because it’s just a waste of flannel, given that you’ll probably use it once. Next get some plastic bags, like Ziplocs and attach a thin strip of foil across the top of each bag. On the foil, using a sharpie marker, write the words, “to saw your logs.” Inside the bags, you can place tootsie rolls, mini snickers, kit-kats, or an assortment of all of those.

These are just a few ideas to get you started on a very masculine baby shower for the incoming baby boy. Who knows? Maybe you’ll even give the mom some baby shower ideas if she has been struggling for new ideas to decorate the nursery.


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