Blow a Great Party with Blown Glass Baby Shower Favors

A special way of expressing your gratitude for the coming of a new life is through having a babyshower party. And of course, baby showers will never be complete without baby shower favors to give out. Baby shower favors are one of the many thoughtful ways to say thank you to your guests and everyone around the party.

Giving thoughts about baby shower favors is a lot tricky and challenging. You might probably be asking what sort of favors are great ideas to win your guests’ hearts. Anyway, a lot of baby shower ideas exist but you have to choose the best among the best. And probably—one of the things worth considering are blown glass baby shower favors.

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Blown glass baby shower favors are unique, crafty and classy. These favors are sure to please everyone because they add a touch of style and elegance to your baby shower party.

Considering these kinds of favors to give, why not try some of these blown glass favor ideas below?

blown glass baby shower favor

This Baby Boot glass baby shower favor is the kind of favor that gives a certain classy atmosphere to your baby shower party. This baby boot blown glass with a golden bow on top is truly a lovely treat to your guests. Flashy and shimmery. It has amazing liquid bright decorations surrounding the top of the boot. And oh, this favor glitters like diamond—so precious and divine like your baby that is about to see the world. This would truly make a great baby shower keepsake to everyone!

This state of the art blown glass baby shower favor designed in a baby rattle can be a very good favor to be rendered to your guests. It’s extraordinary and lovely—truly a perfect treat to your guests and loved ones. This blown glass favor is simply created to form a child-friendly design that would actually make a hit to your baby shower party!

A perfect stunner for your baby shower party! This custom hand blown glass stroller baby shower favor is really worth a try. This classy stuff is made out of half knitted glass and half solid glass. Well, if I happen to be one of your guests, I would definitely swoon over this magnificent favor. This photo actually glitters everyone’s eyes. No wonder your party will turn out shimmery and fantastic.


Lastly, I have discovered this custom blown glass baby bottle baby shower favor. This sophisticated favor is truly worthy to be given to your guests as keepsakes. Designed in a baby bottle, this blown glass favor is made of solid glass with heavy gold. Anyone would really love to possess this beautifully created favor at home. And of course—I am one of those.

blown glass baby bottle baby shower favor

Giving out shiny and glittery blown glass baby shower favors are truly elegant and would give a perfect touch of class and style to your eventful celebration. With these stuffs to prepare, anyone would be greatly satisfied and feel grateful.

These stuffs would truly serve as perfect reminders for your special day. Try these stuffs for a baby shower favor and have a blissful and meaningful baby shower party all around! Best of luck!


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