5 Best Baby Wipe Warmer – Reviews and Comparison

To every parent, especially to us, mothers, our baby is the most important matter in the whole world. No wonder why every of us has so many fears when we’re having our first child. Probably all of us have concern about breastfeeding problems those are the most common, but how about a more common problem like changing diapers? First, we worry about diapers’ sensibility to skin, softness and urine leakage blocking. Finally when we sort out diapers, here comes our second worry – the baby wipes. This worry sometimes gives us really unbearable headaches.

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Everyone has experienced baby crying as soon as we touch skin with a baby wipe. Of course, our first thoughts are that our baby is hungry or is in pain but we had never thought that maybe wipes are the main problem. And there is no one to be blamed for that. It’s natural that mothers don’t know everything about their babies and products for them.

As mothers, we should know that our babies’ skin is really warm, so wet wipes give them uncomfortable cold and wet feeling. And we know that it would be great to warm them. But how to warm baby wipes at home? There is no need to search that on the internet, because for that there is a simple solution, all we need is to get ourselves a baby wipe warmer. Most of them are compactable and quite cheap so there is no need to waste lots of money on wipe warmer. And the best thing is that there is no need to worry about wipes getting dry or moldy in dispensers because a baby wipe warmer not only keeps wipes warm, but also wet. Another good thing is that baby wipe warmer bacteria contamination is a rare case and our babies are always safe from bacteria.

For us it’s important to have one of these. Since we always want the best things, let’s see which the best baby wipe warmer is in 2017.


Best Baby Wipe Warmer 2017 Features Comparison

  Hiccapop Wipe Warmer and Baby Wipes Dispenser/ Holder Munchkin Warm Glow Wipe Warmer Prince Lionheart Premium Wipe Warmer Prince Lionheart Ultimate Wipes Warmer Bundle Tumble ComfyClean Baby Wipe Warmer
Weight 2.5 pounds 1 pound 1 pound 1 pound 2.3 pounds
Dimensions 10.5×7.5×5 10×7.4×5.4 10.5×7.2×5.2 10×6.8×4.5 9.8x7x5.3
Batteries No No No No No
Dishwasher safe No No No No No
Portable No No No No No
Special feature High capacity case Light weight Antibacterial additive Antimicrobial additive Burn-free temperature control
Status Available Available Available Available (N/A)


1. Hiccapop Wipe Warmer and Baby Wipes Dispenser/ Holder

Wipe Warmer and Baby Wet Wipes Dispenser

This baby wipe warmer is our top choice because every year Hiccapop sells over one million units of the warmer. And it perfectly proves its quality and popularity.

Hiccapop wipe warmer comes with a sleek and modern case, and two case covers – white and Tiffany blue. These cases are for different light so it’s really nice to change diapers at night or late evening time. There is no need to worry about switching off the light because it automatically switches off after 10 minutes. Also, light is not too bright, so our babies won’t be irritated.

Second good point is that there is no point to worry about baby wipe warmer temperature because this warmer keeps wipes warm but not too hot or too cold. Top wipes will be always warmer than ones at the bottom. Wipes are so warm that it’s impossible to resist temptation to wipe our hands after we finish changing baby.

best baby wipe warmer

The best feature of this warmer is its high capacity holder for wipes. Good thing is that it’s possible to mix different brands and put inside a supply for all week. We don’t need to worry about wipes getting too dry because it’s overloaded. It actually doesn’t matter how much we put in, wipes are still going to stay warm and moist.

Hiccapop made baby wipe warmer instructions easy and funny to read, so there is no trouble when we first start to use it.

Even though it isn’t dishwasher safe, it’s still incredible easy to clean.

Wipe Warmer and Baby Wet Wipes Dispenser

Although, Hiccapop wipe warmer isn’t portable, its light weight and sleek design lets it to be considered as good choice as a travel baby wipe warmer. Just it can be a little bit inconvenient because there is no on/off button and we have to unplug it all the time when we want to transport it.

Anyway, Hiccapop baby wipe warmer is a really good starter wipe warmer for a new mother because it has a good price for an amazing features those are going to help all mothers during the first hardest months.

2. Munchkin Warm Glow Wipe Warmer

Munchkin Warm Glow Wipe Warmer

Munchkin Warm Glow Wipe Warmer is another great product from a baby wipe warmer amazon list. It’s one of the best-selling wipe warmers in 2017. And it’s probably all because of its extremely light weight and easy unplugging feature that helps when we are in a rush or leaving for a travel.

Due to its light weight, cleaning becomes really easy because it’s possible to take out its parts, like electrical cord, and clean with a running water and some washing up liquid or soap. There is no need to even use a dishwasher. Wondering, if baby wipe warmer is safe without washing in a dishwasher? The answer is yes. Munchkin is made of a plastic and rubber that completely protects from bacteria building up.

Wipe warmer holds up to one hundred wipes and has a really nice eye-window to see how much wipes are left. Since it doesn’t have big capacity we had ranked this at the 2nd place. Also, warming system keeps wipes warmer at top. It’s a little bit disadvantage because if there are only few wipes left, they won’t be as warm as they should be near the top.

Munchkin Warm Glow Wipe Warmer

Another good point is that this little wipe warmer is low maintenance so we won’t need to pay lots of money for an electricity bill. It’s perfect to have in an economy house.

There is a really nice feature called warm glow light that lets us see what we’re doing at night. It’s not a nightlight so it’s not too bright and won’t wake up or irritate the baby. Warm glow light perfect suits for newborns or babies who are light sleepers.

It comes with a nice instruction manual and a year satisfaction warranty so anytime there is a possibility to get money back.

There is no need to be concerned about this baby wipe warmer price because it’s surprisingly affordable despite of all Munchkin’s amazing features. It, also, perfect fits as a gift for a new mother.

3. Prince Lionheart Premium Wipe Warmer

Premium Wipe Warmer

Our number 3 choice is Prince Lionheart Wipe Warmer that was created to ease life of mothers. It’s an innovative product that is made from a special material which prevents diaper rashes. Also, wipe warmer is sleek and easy to transport from one place to another. Sadly, it’s not portable and needs power socket.

Prince Lionheart wipe warmer has ever-fresh system that is designed to keep wipes moist and warm all the time. Another good feature is its antibacterial additive that stops microbes to stay in a warmer and inhabit in wipes. No wonder why Prince Lionheart wipe warmer for a long time was top rated baby wipe warmer.

While other wipe warmers warm disposable wipes, Prince Lionheart Premium can also warm cloth wipes so it’s possible to save money on wipes. There is no need to search for best wipe warmer for cloths because no one could be better than Prince Lionheart Premium wipe warmer.

It has a built in nightlight that is a little too bright and can be inconvenient when baby is irritated and takes long time to sleep.

Prince Lionheart Premium Wipe Warmer has a big capacity for wipes (pop up and regular wipes can be inserted). Also, it’s compatible with Prince Lionheart’s diaper depots that comes in handy when changing diapers. Seems like Prince Lionheart company sincerely thought of making our lives more easy.

Another reason, why we ranked this warmer as number 3, is this warmer’s ability to keep wipes white all the time while other warmers sometimes turn wipes into brown toast.

Regarding concern about baby wipe warmer mold, we can be sure that Prince Lionheart Premium wipe warmer won’t let mold to build up. Even though it is not dishwasher safe and the electric cord can’t be taken out, it’s pretty easy to wipe it with simple wipes or Prince Lionheart’s cleaning pillows. Of course, these pillows cost extra, so it might be inconvenient.

Prince Lionheart Premium wipe warmer isn’t the cheapest wipe warmer, but it’s affordable and worth paying money because of its quality and awesome antibacterial, always moist and white feature.

4. Prince Lionheart Ultimate Wipes Warmer

Ultimate Wipes Warmer

Our number 4 is Prince Lionheart Ultimate Wipes Warmer. It’s another product from a Prince Lionheart company that is worth having in a house. It’s similar to Prince Lionheart Premium wipe warmer, but comes with a little bit more protection from microbes and helps to reduce discomfort for baby.

This wipes warmer comes with Ever Fresh Pillow System that keeps wipes warm and free from turning brown. Also, this system prevents from wipes drying.

Another amazing feature is extreme antimicrobial additive. Warmer comes with antimicrobial pad that needs to be replaced every month for the hygienic reasons. Disregarding pad changing trouble, this antimicrobial feature is the best what we could ask for.

Of course, Prince Lionheart thinks not only about our babies, but also about us because they made an easy and wide access to the wipes. This warmer is quite small and sleek, so it perfectly fits anywhere in a room.

Ultimate Wipes Warmer

Even though it’s quite small, it still can hold up to one hundred regular wipes and up to sixteen cloth wipes since some of us prefer to use cloth wipes instead of regular ones. Prince Lionheart Ultimate wipes warmer heats wipes to the temperature that is completely comfortable for the baby. It doesn’t overheat them as some cheaper wipe warmers do so there is no need to check if wipes are good to use on baby’s skin.

Prince Lionheart Ultimate Wipes Warmer has a nightlight that is really gentle and doesn’t wake babies up, but it’s bright enough to see while changing diapers in the middle of night.

For this warmer we highly recommend to add cup of water in order to keep wipes wet all the time. Adding water activates warmer’s non-drying function that moisturizes wipes all the time.

Prince Lionheart Ultimate wipes warmer has less features and is smaller than previous warmers but it still as good as other warmers so there is no need to concern about it not working properly. Also, this little warmer is quite powerful but doesn’t consume too much electricity.

5. Bundle Tumble ComfyClean Baby Wipe Warmer

Bundle Tumble ComfyClean Baby Wipe Warmer

Bundle Tumble wipe warmer is the last baby wipe warmer in our list. We ranked this stylish wipe warmer at number 4 because of its simple but essential functions.

Bundle Tumble ComfyClean is similar to higher ranked wipe warmers. It doesn’t have big capacity for holding wipes and it isn’t suitable for cloth wipes, but still this little one can contain up to eighty regular wipes. Good point is that Bundle Tumble warmer doesn’t dry out or burn wipes if there is a little bit of water inside the warmer.

The best feature is burn-free temperature control/lock, so wipes won’t be too hot and safe to use on a baby’s skin. Also, this feature saves time because there is no need to look if wipes are burning or not. It enables us to have extra time to make ourselves a cup of coffee. Another thing, with Bundle Tumble ComfyClean it’s easy to forget about high electricity costs because it doesn’t consume lots of electricity. Also, there is a little ‘on’ light on the wipe warmer that replaces night light and is always glowing with a warm green light.

Bundle Tumble ComfyClean baby wipe warmer isn’t one of these portable baby wipe warmers because it always needs to have water inside in order not to burn wipes.

It won’t consume your precious time when cleaning it because you only need to wipe it out.

Truthfully, we fell in love with Bundle Tumble wipe warmer’s design because pastel colors look really nice in a baby room. Also, it has larger lid and it makes it easier to restock wipes. And it’s not the end. This wipe warmer has a light indicator that tells when warmer isn’t working perfectly. The green light on indicator means that wipes reached optimal temperature and are ready to be used. Aren’t these all we need?

Bundle Tumble ComfyClean wipe warmer is affordable that makes it more attractive. Although, it’s a little bit heavier than previous wipe warmers, it’s still quite small and fits anywhere in a room.


To Sum Everything Up

We believe that we have made it easier for you to choose a baby wipe warmer. It doesn’t matter which one of these top rated baby wipe warmers you choose, it still going to be a really good one.

We are definitely sure that baby wipe warmer comes in hand for the first few months until the beginning of potty training. Wipe warmers are innovative products and can be easily included in ‘things to have when expecting a baby’ lists.

No matter how confident you feel about changing diapers, babies are still going to cry if they feel something cold on their skin. So don’t let your baby cry because baby wipe warmers were designed for you and your baby’s comfort.



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