Baby Shower Tea Party Favors

Baby shower is that occasion to share your happiness of becoming mom with your dear ones. Your guests will shower gifts and blessings on you and you want to give a perfect party. The difficult thing in organizing a baby shower is not planning as it will be perfect if planned earlier, not choosing the theme as you can find lot many ideas in the internet which makes it easy to choose, not the food as you can get these ideas from everyone and not the decor as it is very easy once the theme is chosen. It is the selection of the favors as they form the important part of the party as the guests should feel excited about these.

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baby shower tea party favors

These favors should be useful to the guests and should be of good quality. The baby showers usually will be during tea time with little sandwiches, deserts, coffee and tea. To match to the atmosphere of a tea party, the best favor would be small boxes containing tea bags with a message saying ‘Thank You’ attached to it. This will make up a perfect Tea Favor Baby Shower. This will definitely be appreciated by the guests. If the guests are tea lovers then the appreciation would be even huge.

So now how to make these favors look presentable? It is not at all a huge task. All that you require are scissors, glue, bone holder and the message slips that you attach to the favor. You can get tea bag wrappers which suit the theme perfectly. You can also print the tea bag wraps on a white paper and white card from the internet. Cut the wrap in the shape of a packet. Using the glue, stick the edges and let them dry. Make sure that the size of the packet is sufficient for the tea bags to fit in. Place the tea bag inside the packet carefully and close it by folding the top flap and sticking it with little glue.

Tea Favor Baby Shower

Now it is time to make the box presentable. Cut the card in the shape of the box and fold the edges along the lines and stick the edges from inside using the glue. Make sure that you do not make the box clumsy by applying excess glue. Alternatively you can use a tea cup for this purpose instead of a box. Keep the packets inside the box or the cup whichever you use. Attach the message slip in front of the box or the tea cup. Your perfect favor for a Tea Favor baby Shower is ready. Your guests will definitely like this favor as the decorations are homemade. They will find your heart in the favors.

When you plan for a Tea Favor Baby Shower, make sure that your guests are interested in tea. If most of your guests do not take tea, then there is no point in gifting them tea bags. So before you plan the baby shower party just confirm that all your guests like tea and your favor will be a highlight.

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