Baby Shower Favors for Men

Nowadays baby showers are not women only affairs. Men are interested to be a part of the special event of their wife’s pregnancy. When the dad to be is involved in the baby shower it is quite natural that the guests also included men. So when men are going to be a part of your baby shower then baby shower favors for men also come into picture. You have to decide on what favors will be liked by men.

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baby shower favors for men

When your baby shower party is planned to be a family party involving men and women then you should also keep the favors for men in mind. If you are unable to decide what favors to give to men, there is a chance to escape giving favors to men if they join only at the end of the party. Generally if you select some common baby shower favors, they can be given to men as well as women. Candies or chocolates or any favor that are eatable will go well with both the genders because eating is common for everyone. You can decide whether to make these eatable favors at home or purchase them from the store.

Other than eatable homemade items you can choose some others which are liked by men generally. Take care that such items are decorative or can be used by men. A great option for a baby shower favor for men is beer mugs. Men usually like them and you will never be mistaken on this part. In addition to this you can get the names of the parents and the date of the baby shower printed on the beer mugs so that they will be reminded of your love for them. You can also print a thank you message for their support.

Another great idea for a baby shower favor for men is a packet of golf balls along with a baseball cap or some other thing which you think is useful for men. You can decide the color of the golf balls based on the gender of the baby. If you think that some of the male guests are interested in fitness gym bags will be a great baby shower favor for them. You can keep a head band, napkin, water bottle, wrist band etc. in that bag. These can be of use for the gym going men.

Not all men will be fitness freaks. Some will be more interested in just lying down on the couch. So a pack of DVDs or movie tickets for such men. In addition to all these specific ideas, you can always have the option of giving edible favors which are gender neutral. Brownie favor pops, custom cookies, personalized candy bars are always the best. You can make a Cd with the favorite music of the parents to be and keep a personal message on it to remind them of the occasion. Gift cards of some particular stores also make great baby shower favors for men.


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