Baby Delight beside Me Dreamer Bassinet
Baby Delight beside Me Dreamer Bassinet

Whether you are looking for a bedside co-sleeper or a standing bassinet, the Beside Me dreamer by Baby Delight could be a great option, thanks to the dual setting.

Construction and design Baby Delight beside Me Dreamer Bassinet

A free-standing bassinet and rolling wheels allow you to move your kid’s bed to any room you like.

The intelligent design with two wheels in the back section and stability on the front removes the need for a wheel lock while still keeping your kid firmly in pace.
To move the Beside Me Dreamer bassinet, tip it a little backward to take the front feet off the base, then roll to your desired place and set the front feet back down.

To switch to the co-sleeper feature, unzip one section and slide the bassinet near to your bed.

A secure anchor strap also allows you to firmly link the bassinet to your bed. You do not have to worry about your toddler, somehow away from your side through the night.

While bedside placing is a great idea that I like, the co-sleeper mode typically works great for low bed heights.

Even at the highest setting, the bassinet remains a little on the low side, so your kid could end up sleeping some inches more down than you if your bed is taller than the usual one.
To avoid a potential disappointment, be sure to measure your individual bed’s height beforehand.

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Easy to assemble

Assembling of this Beside Me Dreamer by Baby Delight is very simple, and every piece snaps jointly without needing you to use any tools.

The fast assembly and disassembly combined with the lightweight frame make this is a great traveler.

The bassinet includes a single fitted sheet for the memory foam mattress, but be aware that you will have to order spare sheets from the manufacturer Baby Delight since the mattress is not a standard size.

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  • Adjustable height
  • Simple process to assemble and disassemble
  • Dropdown height
  • An excellent option for traveling
  • Supreme dual setting

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  • It might be too short to utilize as a co-sleeper for a few beds

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Final words

The Beside Me Dreamer by Baby Delight provides a fine mix of options that let you customize your baby’s bed.

If you wish to utilize this bassinet as a co-sleeper, hard to ensure to take the time to measure your bed.

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