8 Awesome Baby Shower Theme Ideas You Can Use for Party

So you are planning a baby shower and wondering whether it must have a theme, but not coming up with any nice ideas. Also, creating themes may not be your style and is hard work for you. But a baby shower theme ideas will improve the look of your party and make it more organized. So what should you do?

baby shower theme ideas

Here are some great baby shower theme ideas which you can easily use for the party.

A Tea Party – Have an elegant tea party using china tea sets, sandwiches and scones which can be served with thick cream and jam. For the tables, use fresh flower centerpieces and place a set of teapots, cups and plates on each table. Cover up the tables with pretty tablecloths and serve a selection of assorted teas. Also, package the tea in pretty containers and give them as favors.

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Send a Message Baby Shower – Give each of your guests a cardboard and a marker pen and tell them to write any special message, wish or greeting for the baby. Take a picture of each of the guests holding up their messages, which you can later assemble in an album.

Diaper Party – Have diaper invitations and decorations and ask the guests to bring diaper packets of different sizes to give as presents. Also, a basket can be put together with cheese, sausage, wine bottle, wine opener and glasses etc and displayed at the shower. Have a fun game where the winner will receive this basket.

Setting up the Nursery – Guests can be asked to set up the baby’s room. Some of them can assemble the nursery furniture and the crib, while others can hang curtains, pictures or paint. Later you can have a barbecue for the guests.

The Star – Make a cake looking like the Hollywood Walk of Fame with a star on it and write something on it like ‘a star is to be born’, or something else. Arrange a red carpet arrival for the guests and while they arrive, videotape them and ask them to give a special message to the mom.

Book Shower – You can have a garden party for this and ask the guests to bring one of their favorite children’s books. Stuffed animals can also be brought matching with them. Arrange for the cake to be shaped like a book and have decorations from the children’s books.

Coupon Shower – Give the guests markers and papers and tell them to make some personalized coupons, which can be later exchanged for specific favors like, a grocery trip, a laundry trip or a babysitting night.

Home Entertainment – Guests can bring gifts like their favorite films’ CDs and DVDs, music CDs, board games and a bottle of wine for the parents, since they will have to spend the Saturday nights at home.

All the above mentioned ideas are some of the simple ones which you can easily follow and also ask your guests to do. It will make your baby shower quite enjoyable.


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