16 Baby Shower Party Favors Ideas

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A baby shower favor is a nice way of saying thank you to one’s friends and family who planned a memorable baby shower for you. It is a pleasant gesture to convey your appreciation to your friends and family for the baby shower they organized for you. It is always important to make the favors genuine and with a personal touch. Here are a few party favor ideas.

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Candy Assortment

candy assortment gift

Candy in different colors like pink, blue, red, yellow, etc., can be packed together with a thank you card on it. The hostess can pack the assorted candies together with a ribbon matching the sex of the baby or if the sex of the baby is not known, then a neutral colored ribbon can be used. A personalized ‘thank you’ card, with a well thought thank you message can also be given with the candies.

Scented Soaps

scented soaps gift

Scented soaps make a very good baby shower favor. Colorful scented soaps in interesting shapes and sizes can be presented to the guests. To personalize it further, the hostess can get the names of her guests carved on each soap, thus making it more fun and exciting.

Animals Shaped Table Weights

Animal shaped table weights

Animal shaped table weights can be given to the guests. Cute animal shaped paper weights add a fun element at the work table. Let it be a reminder of your baby shower every time your guest sits to work.

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